Oops..saw some things in Japan!


Let me continue telling our wandering stories we had in Japan last year.

Make sure, though, to also watch the travel video here. Just spare me for some mistakes I have made. Hihi.

October 21, 2013

Japan is amazing in a new way!

Nearly all subway stations in Tokyo have braille board beside every ticket machine. Braille is a reading and writing system used by the blind and visually impaired people. One can know how much would a ticket cost from point A to point B and navigate even the ticket machine to know where exactly the coins should be dropped in or bills should be inserted. Aside from being awesome for having also an option to use English language in the ticket machines for able people and braille for blind people, these ticket machines can also read out the words for deaf people. Handicap people can also navigate themselves in and out of the stations by following the yellow rubber guide strips on the flooring throughout the subway network. Amazing and Awesome, right?  Continue reading

A Failure and A Creepy Encounter



It was raining in Mt. Fuji. I was excited to visit Mt. Fuji months before our flight to Japan but all I got was rain. (T_T)

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Sexy Gundam + Hostel Tour

Itinerary was a mess!

We were not really sure how to go through the day but at least we knew where we would start. Ahahay!


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Looked at how I was so Culture Shocked

Got Culture Shocked

Here we go!! This is my first Japan blog. Yay!

Since it was a 10-day travel from Tokyo to Osaka to Kyoto, I would post one blog for each day of my adventure. Each blog is from my travel journal (I always carry it wherever I go!) so you can expect a very detailed blog.  I would also include a list of all the expenses I shed that day so you can use them as a reference when you FINALLY decided to book your flight to this amazing country. (Trust me, you won’t regret it!) I will also include a vlog and series of phlogs so you will get more of Japan! Haha. But please… I have to tell this… my expenses may or may not be cheap for you because that would entirely depend on how much you value travelling,  how much you can welcome little inconvenience over luxury, and how well you can research and make your own itinerary.  Hehe.

So anyhoo…let me enjoy this trip once again as I unveil Japan for you! =)


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