A Failure and A Creepy Encounter



It was raining in Mt. Fuji. I was excited to visit Mt. Fuji months before our flight to Japan but all I got was rain. (T_T)

October 20, 2013

Tokyo, Japan

As you may have already watched in my vlog, we were not able to see Mt. Fuji…………………… It was expensive going to Mt. Fuji (see expenses below) and we allotted one day to visit all fun attractions around the mountain. I don’t want to sound too depressing but, yes, I got a lot of expectations. (T_T)


I thought visiting Mt. Fuji only means it’s going to be me trekking the mountain or probably riding a gondola and then view the whole Japan from somewhere near the peak of the mountain and spend some hours with the snow. But there are actually a number of attractions I can enjoy! Fuji-Q Highland is one of those. This theme park is actually has the scariest rides in the world. Kubota Itchiku Art Museum, Kachi Kachi Ropeway, Lake Yamanakako, Chureito Pagoda, Oshino Hakkai and Iyashi no Sato are just some of the attractions I also lined up in our itinerary. There are 3 Route Buses that will take you to these fun attractions for Y1300 (or P700) in two days. But because it was raining, we only visited Kawaguchiko Music Forest. (T_T)

Kawaguchiko Music Forest is a garden-theme park and museum that exhibits automatic musical instruments. They have a Flintstone-styled shop full of Christmas displays and music boxes that are really cute and inimitable. The sounds of music boxes playing simultaneously soothed me as soon as I walked inside the store.


Kawaguchiko Music Forest also has an auditorium enclosed by a French fairground organ that plays every 30 minutes.


There are also a concert hall, restaurants, chapel and a rose garden. Although we only visited Kawaguchiko Music Forest, I think, it’s worth the day. It’s big!




I would really love to go back to Mt. Fuji. I should at least spend 2 days here and make sure it will not rain! I am just not sure yet if there are any hostels around the area.


We had lunch in Gateway Fujiyama located right beside the Kawaguchiko station.


And oh, I have to tell you this story. We had an encounter in the train.

Creepy Encounter.


We were in the train from Otsuki to Akihabara laughing and taking photos then suddenly a late 20s or early 30s guy in a cowboy hat and leopard trench coat approached us.

Roar Guy: インドネシアのですか? (I think he asked us if we are Indonesian.)

Jamie: フィリピン人です。(So Jamie answered we’re Filipinos but she was already gesturing at us to just ignore the guy)

Roar Guy: どこ住んでいますか?(Where are you staying right now?)

Jamie: 東京。。(Tokyo.)

Roar Guy: いつまで?かえる?(Until when? Are you going home? This question was seriously creepyJamie was still gesturing at us.)

Jamie: まだ。。(Not yet. not even looking at the guy)

Roar Guy: 結婚していますか? (Are you guys married?)

Us: <silence. don’t want to answer. c’mon.>

Roar Guy: 結婚していますか? (Are you guys married?)

Me: はい!結婚. (Yes! We’re married. I know it’s not grammatically polite to just tell kekkon but please just go away.)

Jamie told us that there are Japanese men get in train to “pick-up” women for marriage. YES. That’s creepy. Sometimes, when they learned that you are a Filipino, they would think you came to Japan to marry for citizenship. I asked my 先生 <sen-sei; teacher> about this and said that this really happens in Japan: you will marry them in exchange for citizenship and then in return you will pay them a regular fee. I don’t mind this kind of courageous deal because anyone can do whatever they please but it’s creepy having this kind of encounter myself.

I would still prefer a marriage with love. Hahaha. That gives me the opportunity to introduce you to my Japanese crush.


Narimiya Hiroki. He is very talented actor and has a very private life. Does he have a girlfriend? Because I read a gossip that he was gay but that was not confirmed and I am sure that’s not true. Haha. But he did act as a gay admirer in one of his drama series. It was really surreal for me to watch because he was more manly than the guy he was in love with. Haha. Watch him in Bloody Monday!!! I want to watch him in action and mystery Aibou 11 series. Do you know any site where I can download? Hehe.


We just ate our dinner in a convenience store and went home.


Check out my vlog (video and blog) and phlog (photo and blog) for more of my experience during my 3rd day in Japan!

Vlog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7ZpX3JsXgg

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