About Olive

Ever realized how overwhelming the diversity of cultures around the world?
Colorful dances of Bollywood films, vengeance stories of Philippines TV series and kilig struggles in South Korea dramas.
Shoes not allowed inside Asian local houses and pine trees as Christmas trees in Western households.
Wedding dowries in Chinese families, Mehndi tattoos in Hindu weddings or arranged marriage in Asian countries.

Childhood days are still so vivid to me. After school work, I would sit down beside my father and watch lion preying a deer in National Geographic. Why does the lion moving so sneaky & hiding in shadows? was one of my early questions about the world. Time stopped every time I examine caterpillars change into butterflies and lizards camouflage against predators. Nights of watching news crimes, MacGyver’s adventures & ancient documentaries. I often sneaked into my older sister’s cabinet just so to read & learn more Nancy Drew’s investigations then roam around in our house with detective bag in hand. In one of my reading escapades, with so much interest for discovery, I realized I wanted to become a writer (with detective skills).
Travelling came in adolescent days. More things to discover and to learn. Whoah. People living differently from what I am used to. I was pleasantly observing train passengers listening to music in Beijing when I startlingly realized that regardless how different Chinese people color & features from mine, I am very like them – a human being who also listen to music in a train.
Culture and People. Every one of us continues to evolve and fit in our own culture, however, we’re not different from one another as a human being. Travelling taught me that regardless of how different my culture is to yours, You and I can connect & actually relish many life experiences together like joy, pain & even hope. There is sameness in diversity.
Hi. I am Olivia Mae del Rosario. An Engineer. A Next Generation Sponsor. An Artist Volunteer. I toss words often as a Writer & once in a while speak about life & travel to an audience or familiars. Nickname is Bunsongpayat. My main language is Tagalog & second is English. I can decently communicate with Japanese. Grew up capable of understanding Fookien and am relearning Mandarin. Loves red too much I asked friends once to stop buying things in red. Ice creams are heaven sent and dark chocolates are angels. Comfortable in market and crowd. I fear heights and believe skydiving is the only way to overcome it. If an opportunity presents, I would dive but with possible convulsion. I travel often to cities & places others believe don’t exist. To see is to believe, as they say. To see is to learn & to truly live, I continued. Meeting people in far away land excites me. Travelling is my breather.

My only dream is to deeply connect people amidst differing cultures
. Through this deep connection, we all can create beautiful things together, respect & understand each other’s culture and find our common hearts’ desires and parallel brain wiring. Hopefully, we will always then choose to accept and love every single human being in this world.
If you have the same interest and pursuit, explore with me through this blog or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Or deeply connect with me by dropping an email to bunsongpayat@gmail.com.

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