Hello, Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty was such a big hit when I was in elementary and high school. It was so popular back then that some of my classmates didn’t mind spending on collecting the expensive Hello Kitty items. I was never a fan of Hello Kitty. I never liked Pink. I don’t understand the idea of liking a cartoon character of a cat and then spend money on a very expensive collection.

In Taiwan, they have a Hello Kitty Cafe. Everything is in pink. Servers wearing pink hello kitty aprons. Walls are with pink cushion or painted with pink paint.

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Finding Beauty Everywhere

You can be in any moment of your Past because you love all the memories you have made.

You can be in any moment of your Future because you can’t wait your dream to come true.

But in Traveling, you have to be in the moment of your Present because this is the only chance to experience anything in real time.

Street Food!

Appreciating local people doing their work

Food Stalling!

Watching local people cooking

Ate Jenny studying our map

Studying your way to your destination

Found huge art wall, parked bicycles and a black leather gang.

Looking for a huge art wall, parked bicycles and a black leather gang…well, accidentally.

Crowding. Hoho.

Being in the crowd but don’t forget to also look up.

Chit Chatting

Watching people having great conversation

Light and Local People

Observing local people during their usual day

All photos were all taken from Taipei City of Taiwan in 2010.

Pin That Map

December 31, 2010 of Taipei Backpackers

The world map is huge…

and yet, when you zoom in the countries, you would know there are really lots of them, even just those tiny little islands.

and then when you zoom it more, there are those cities…some are defined by how well its structures are built and some are defined by how big is its geography

and then when you dig a little more zooming, you will see a person browsing his tumblr in the computer.

You will realize that the world is really big…..and you look like just a dust.

Floral Exposition

December 31, 2010 – Taipei International Floral Exposition

The very cute little flowers in the expo are all full-bloomed. Wiii!


December 31, 2010 – Taipei Backpacker’s

What you see in the photo are the letters of guests who stayed in the Taipei’s Backpackers. Although there are a number of notes written in guests’ native languages, much of them are letters of gratitude and requests for visits from hosts to their countries.

Aside from maximizing every available space and wall for maps and guides, toiletries and picka foods, backpackers’ houses are more personal when it comes to relating with their guests. Every guest can watch TV together, eat on the same table and share the same bedroom. Plus, the hosts are more intimate when it comes to conversation as they don’t speak like they are your servants but instead as friends who welcomed you at their home.