Dallying Around Erhai Lake

Dali Old Town and Erhai Lake is just a small town in Yunnan but their local traditional Chinese culture is very rich and humble. Their way of life is very different from modern cities most foreigners visit in China. It was like traveling back in time and somehow I felt like the innocent but childlike ambience of Dali made me and my friend to really experienced true soul refreshment.

This is my last video from Dali. I might upload our visit in Lijiang next month so stay tune!

Dallying Around Erhai Lake of Dali

2ND VIDEO is my experience Dallying Around Erhai Lake in Dali, Yunnan back in October 2012

Yunnan in Four Photos


After almost half a year, here I am, still amazed by Yunnan’s beauty. I still feel that feeling I felt when I witnessed the Red Land with my own eyes. It felt like I was in another world seriously asking God if He really created this. I know that Philippines has the same kind of rice terraces (you should visit Banawe Rice Terraces!) But, Banawe Rice Terraces gives me a different feeling… a feeling of naturalness…tranquility… Red Land is vastly different. Red Land soothes innocence. Purity.

Both of them have their own kind of beauty and somehow I was held in…uhum…custody by Red Land.

October 27, 2012 – Dongchuan Red Land, Yunnan

Getting Into Small Alleys

October 21, 2012 of Dali Old Town, Yunnan

Dali Old Town is like the Las Casas in Bataan (but, Las Casas is a resort, fyi). It was old. It was ANCIENT. It felt historic. Everything is made of stones. People were so quiet. Everyone was busy doing their own thing.

Small alleys let you walk around the town like you’re in a labyrinth. Each alley is different from the others. One alley is a series of ice cream stores. We got held back by an alley full of accessories! There is also an alley for pottery. I mean, I know I didn’t went in each alley but if you’re going to visit Dali Old Town, you should try going into these alleys as many as you can. Don’t just walk around the main street. Step in and explore these alleys! =)


Getting Lost And Found Something

October 21, 2012 of Dali Old Town

We were looking for our backpacker house. We had a map. We asked the direction and landmarks before we headed to Dali. We read every street signage.

But somehow, we still got lost.

I do not know how but we did.

But I still think it was for the better.

If we weren’t looking around and hoping the backpacker house would just appear beside us, we wouldn’t realized that we were surrounded by mountains.