Market Night Strolling

“Can we go back to Luang Prabang?” Lala asked after I felt her firm tug. I saw a need of escape from her eyes. “I miss their calmness” she added.

I skimmed the area as if I still need evidence that we are in Chiang Mai. We were there trying to keep our hands together as we walk through the long road of Rachadaemneon. “Be mindful and stay close” I replied.


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Hanoi City by Cyclo

If I was in Bangkok and someone suggested to try TukTuk, I probably decline and say I’ll just walk or take taxi. So when I saw the same mode of transportation in Hanoi, I hesitated – at first.

Our hotel host hired 2 cyclos for us at $7/hour each.


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Travel photos from Vietnam, Laos & Thailand are uploaded! Yas!

Hop into my decks of photos here. 

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Inspired by Bourgeoning Art

Memories of making bead accessories to sell in school and creating class bulletin board in 3D view instead attending Chinese class are still clear to me. Days when I carved a love letter on a fiber glass or made marketing materials during college are still blissful in every way. And then, of course, my love for writing.

After I graduated and finally worked professionally as an engineer, the “creating artistically” in me became a side-hobby.

Blue office cubicle, old gray table, matrix data computation, stiff business letters and what not are my norm now. Creating eventually became technical as inspiration became blander than ever. To save my creative side from eventual demise, I go out & grind to find my inspiration.  

Creative surroundings is a subject of pursuit now.

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So You’re Planning to Quit Work?

In a month, I already listened to dozen of stories of newly-resigned friends who are now pursuing their own personal goals. One of them confessed that she has started to feel the weight of having “unemployed” status. Another was feeling awkward when she was bombarded with questions of “So, what do you do now?”

This made me flashback on the experiences and lessons I learned during the year I was unemployed.


Be aware of the signs that may help you in your journey. – Insadong, South Korea

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