Book and Waterfall

Hey, guys.

Today is so relaxing.  I think my energy tank is filled up for next work week. (Hay! Hay!) I was in JF Library this morning reading modern architecture – a recent interest. I don’t exactly know where this is heading but my interest usually diversifies whenever the daily activities become a routine. So when I was back in the library (finally!) to return the first architecture book I borrowed, I spent another 2 hours reading Tadao Ando‘s approach in architectural design.


A photo of Church on the Water from the book Tadao Ando: The Colours of Light

His designs are so calming that I finally got the energy to re-prioritize my upcoming activities and travel plans in the next two years. I started writing what I still want to do, analyzed which are still doable, and finished the most urgent tasks.


Now that I am done with my refreshed planning, I thought I should really now show you the photos I took while we were in Kuang Xi Waterfall. They have been in my draft folder for so long. I was thinking too hard what to write with them that they ended up stuck behind this website.


Kuang Xi Waterfall is located south of Luang Prabang in Laos. The surroundings exhaust a baby aura – innocent & soft.  This is because of the water in lightly turquoise and milky color and the blurry mist that comes from the rainforest. People were diving into the four different pools that gather up the cold water from the waterfall.



It was hard to take sharp photos here because of the mist. Walking took precautions as well because of the slippery mud. But Kuang Xi Waterfall is really beautiful. We took our time here. My sister actually sat beside a pool & read a book while the rushing of the water falls down from the waterfall in front of her.


Because of Tadao Ando’s designs and our beautiful earth, I am excited to continue my reading with the special issue of National Geographic tomorrow. I subscribed to their online membership this afternoon (a task completed) and now I have free access to their best collections. If you like to explore other beautiful places on earth, you should subscribe now so you can have an exclusive access to The World’s Most Beautiful Places magazine!

What do you think?

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