Inspired by Bourgeoning Art

Memories of making bead accessories to sell in school and creating class bulletin board in 3D view instead attending Chinese class are still clear to me. Days when I carved a love letter on a fiber glass or made marketing materials during college are still blissful in every way. And then, of course, my love for writing.

After I graduated and finally worked professionally as an engineer, the “creating artistically” in me became a side-hobby.

Blue office cubicle, old gray table, matrix data computation, stiff business letters and what not are my norm now. Creating eventually became technical as inspiration became blander than ever. To save my creative side from eventual demise, I go out & grind to find my inspiration.  

Creative surroundings is a subject of pursuit now.

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Market Spree in Japan – 日本に買い物に行こう!

For this week’s blog, I will share with you what you can enjoy buying in Japan.


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Chopsticks and Okonomiyaki

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The Ryokan Stay

When in Japan, sleep in a Ryokan!

Hostel 64 Osaka is one of the best hostels I have stayed in. Although their prices are little pricey compare with other hostels (maybe 400yen more than the average night), the interior is chic, creative and maximized.

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6 Food Principles

When I was mulling over a number of good captions to put on the photos of Food Survival in Japan, I recognized that I have unconsciously developed a set of principles on buying food in a foreign place.

As much as we try to minimize our expenses, the “Take the Plunge” persona in us still want to try new things. We can’t pass eating a bizarre meal or a familiar meal in an unusual place because this is exactly the reason why we travel. But one way to balance out this persona within our budget is to actually acknowledge first the principles we have and then make most of what we have.

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