6 Food Principles

When I was mulling over a number of good captions to put on the photos of Food Survival in Japan, I recognized that I have unconsciously developed a set of principles on buying food in a foreign place.

As much as we try to minimize our expenses, the “Take the Plunge” persona in us still want to try new things. We can’t pass eating a bizarre meal or a familiar meal in an unusual place because this is exactly the reason why we travel. But one way to balance out this persona within our budget is to actually acknowledge first the principles we have and then make most of what we have.

I initially included these “principles” in the said post but I thought you might have a better understanding of recognizing your principles if I post them separately. I hope you think over the principles you might have (we might share some of the principles) because they will paved ways in making your travel experiences superb.







I might have other food travel principles but haven’t realized them yet. I think I have also developed specific principles on other things such as people I travel with or places I want to visit.

What are your travel principles?

The beauty of recognizing your travel principles is that you become more capable in defining how you should travel for your own kind of exploration. =)

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