April 27, 2010 – Seoul, Korea

We were not anywhere near but I asked Mame if I can go alone to Gangnam while she do her last minute shopping. I stumbled on an article the night before about Goo Hye Sun’s Tango book signing in Kyobo Bookstore. Although it was not the same branch, it is the largest they have and thought that they must have it.

I had 2 hour-alone-in-a-foreign-city experience like a wet chicken in the long stretched district of Gangnam. It was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella. I need to find someone who I can talk to and help me find the book. The people in the counter are of no help. An english speaking visitor volunteered to accompany me. She asked me if I can read korean.

“No, but I will buy it so I can read it after I learned the language.” And I was mouth agape.

Oh My, Books!

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