Inspired by Bourgeoning Art

Memories of making bead accessories to sell in school and creating class bulletin board in 3D view instead attending Chinese class are still clear to me. Days when I carved a love letter on a fiber glass or made marketing materials during college are still blissful in every way. And then, of course, my love for writing.

After I graduated and finally worked professionally as an engineer, the “creating artistically” in me became a side-hobby.

Blue office cubicle, old gray table, matrix data computation, stiff business letters and what not are my norm now. Creating eventually became technical as inspiration became blander than ever. To save my creative side from eventual demise, I go out & grind to find my inspiration.  

Creative surroundings is a subject of pursuit now.

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Travel Album

I was in South Korea last December to spend the Christmas season there. You can view the travel album on my facebook account.

When the weather was cold in South Korea 2014, I took a lot of photos.

Appeal of Traveling

The appeal of traveling is being in the present.

Hmm. That’s it.

I can’t find any answer besides being in the present.

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Whiter Than Snow

Most of the time, the beauty of nature is enough to persuade us to travel. Sure, some of us still like to visit the Eiffel Tower of Paris or the gigantic Burj Khalifa in Dubai but, for me, they don’t compare with how I still long to see again the sunset in Red Land of Yunnan, yearn to see Yellowstone of US or pray hard to experience Aurora Borealis in Alaska.

Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. – Psalm 51:7

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The Living Ocean and Coast

Image Detail

Image Detail

On May 12th, the world’s biggest Expo will happen in Yeosu, South Korea. It’s theme is The Living Ocean and Coast as it showcase different activities that have something to do with ocean creatures and port structures. They also have cartoon characters (which I really think look like the characters of Taiwan International Expo 2010) that will symbolize this big event.

With 126 days remaining before its opening, thousands of Koreans are helping out in promoting the event whether it may be thru video, networking sites, photos, website and blogs. Some are also engaged in personal marketing by doing it in train stations and malls. The big port area of Yeosu has been transformed to state-of-the-art technologies of traditional accommodation, ocean wave-like conference and activities area, high-end VIP hotels, efficient airport, bus terminals, eco-parks and others.

Hays… Hope I can be there!!!

Click on the title of this post to check the ongoing website of the Yeosu Expo.

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The Living Ocean and Coast