Photographed by Mame’s friend

January 27 – Feb 16, 2010 – Visiting Europe

Today’s definition of Traveling has made people think one travels for the sake of spending time in a luxurious trip just because they have money and/or work stresses them out. True enough that one should spend time away from work as a break from modernization unstoppable demands. It, sadly, also set people minds that one who travels belongs to a higher level of society, maybe because of the ”amount” of money it cost and the exceptionality it brings among the rest.

But, to the true travelers, one travels because traveling widens one’s horizon. That aside from the world one knows, there are more barriers, languages and cultures, to break in order one will learn more. True travelers travel because they want to experience other’s way of spending everyday life.

One should travel because it places them into an absolute humility before God’s omnipotence and unending grace.

Lord, bless me with Your wisdom…

And thank you for the grace you have put upon my loving Mame.

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