Eiffel Tower

Photographed by Mame

January 2010 – Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most infamous buildings in Paris, France let alone the entire world. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and has always been part of the travel list of travelers.

My Mame, a die-hard traveler since in her younger years and an avid fan of Lovers in Paris (Korean version), did not miss this one hell of a scenery! The Eiffel Tower will celebrate its 201st birthday this March 31, 2010. Probably, it would be recoated before its birthday aside from the usual recoating every 7 years. She will be dressed in sparkly dark brown dress, the original color of the tower.

One great fact about the tower is it is used for radio transmission and other telegraphy activities. This is truly a good functionality since it stands 109 stories!


No, This is Not Dark Chocolate


January 30, 2010 – Dark Chocolate and Europe

Dark Chocolate. I hate loving chocolates. And I am eating a European chocolate now, a milk chocolate of Lindt Coffee Swiss Classic. The milk component of this chocolate is hardly tastable because of the caffeine. And I love it. This is different from all the chocolates I have ever addicted to.

Switzerland, a European country, consumes the most chocolate per person a day at an annual rate of 22.4 lbs/person. Annual consumption of chocolate, per capita, is approximately 12lbs/person, with consumers spending over seven billion dollars per year on chocolate!

I am glad it is not Philippines. And definitely not from Quezon City. Hahahaha!

*Photographed by Mame

The Amphitheatre Flavio

Photographed by Mame

February 2, 2010 – The Amphitheatre Flavio, Rome

The Coliseum built on the order of the Imperator Vespasiano in the honour of the grandiosity of his empire, was inaugurated by his son, Tito, in 80 after Christ with celebrations 100 days long.

This is a real amphitheatre because it is oval. It is made from TWO theatres facing each other, thus “amphi” (Greek, “both”) + “theatre.”

Widen Your Thoughts

Photographed by Mame’s friend

January 27 – Feb 16, 2010 – Visiting Europe

Today’s definition of Traveling has made people think one travels for the sake of spending time in a luxurious trip just because they have money and/or work stresses them out. True enough that one should spend time away from work as a break from modernization unstoppable demands. It, sadly, also set people minds that one who travels belongs to a higher level of society, maybe because of the ”amount” of money it cost and the exceptionality it brings among the rest.

But, to the true travelers, one travels because traveling widens one’s horizon. That aside from the world one knows, there are more barriers, languages and cultures, to break in order one will learn more. True travelers travel because they want to experience other’s way of spending everyday life.

One should travel because it places them into an absolute humility before God’s omnipotence and unending grace.

Lord, bless me with Your wisdom…

And thank you for the grace you have put upon my loving Mame.