Getting Into Small Alleys

October 21, 2012 of Dali Old Town, Yunnan

Dali Old Town is like the Las Casas in Bataan (but, Las Casas is a resort, fyi). It was old. It was ANCIENT. It felt historic. Everything is made of stones. People were so quiet. Everyone was busy doing their own thing.

Small alleys let you walk around the town like you’re in a labyrinth. Each alley is different from the others. One alley is a series of ice cream stores. We got held back by an alley full of accessories! There is also an alley for pottery. I mean, I know I didn’t went in each alley but if you’re going to visit Dali Old Town, you should try going into these alleys as many as you can. Don’t just walk around the main street. Step in and explore these alleys! =)


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