The Ryokan Stay

When in Japan, sleep in a Ryokan!

Hostel 64 Osaka is one of the best hostels I have stayed in. Although their prices are little pricey compare with other hostels (maybe 400yen more than the average night), the interior is chic, creative and maximized.

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“Limited” Service of Tune Hotels

Have you experienced staying in a hotel with limited service?

If you want a “5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price”, tune your attention to Tune Hotels.

Tune Hotels offers limited service which means they will only charge you the minimum price you need to pay for your bed, room, a/c, table, electricity and security without the need to pay for other amenities that you barely use. So for example, you will not be charged with usual hotel toiletries if you brought your own toiletries.  Other amenities are 12 or 24 hours air-conditioning, TV and internet access.

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6 Food Principles

When I was mulling over a number of good captions to put on the photos of Food Survival in Japan, I recognized that I have unconsciously developed a set of principles on buying food in a foreign place.

As much as we try to minimize our expenses, the “Take the Plunge” persona in us still want to try new things. We can’t pass eating a bizarre meal or a familiar meal in an unusual place because this is exactly the reason why we travel. But one way to balance out this persona within our budget is to actually acknowledge first the principles we have and then make most of what we have.

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Food Survival in Japan

Visiting Japan is neither just enjoying the sweet scenery of cherry blossoms nor having a glimpse of おたく [o-ta-ku] life in Akihabara. It can be just experiencing an authentic 温泉 [on-sen ; hot spring] after you learn the modern life in Tokyo. I do know some people who ended up doing shopping only because Japan fashion is so upbeat and fun. Like me, you probably listed Japan in your bucketlist because experiencing their culture will be a good shock to what you are used to.


Maybe you just want to indulge in sushi. Who could blame you for such reason? The love of many for Japanese cuisine may have started from loving the sushi first. I loved sushi first then went on with ramen and takoyaki…and now, sake.


I barely eat in Japanese restaurants in Philippines because they are so expensive. Most of the time , after we pay for an expensive set of sushi platter and gyudon, the authentic taste the Japanese restaurants claimed they can give was just not there.

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How Much I Shed in Japan

First blog on travel expense. Oh. Ok. T_T

I always talk and write about Japan but never really had a plan to go there unless for a school admission. Japan is too expensive, I always tell myself.

Submitting a bank statement for a travel visa gave me enough worries. What about the budget I have to save to experience Mt. Fuji, Skytree, Harajuku, Shibuya and Sushi? All money topics related with travel always give me second thoughts on pushing the travel.

And I am not the only one.

Found a good place to stay

Found a good place to stay

“So….how much do I need to have in my bank account?”

“How much should I expect to spend?”

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