Beginning is always overwhelming

If you have flown with Cebu Pacific, you probably have read their Smile magazine tucked in passenger seat’s pocket. This mag has a section named “Trip Journal” where simple and straight-to-the-point basic needs about dozen of cities are shared. There are also tips from frequent travelers and a few words you can use.

A number of people I know often rely on their friends who are used to managing itinerary. And a majority of them will postpone travel because they don’t know the “how” of traveling. I think in order to start off you can ask first people who have managed a travel or two (of course, people who don’t always rely on tour packages). Aside from knowing the “how” of traveling, you will also learn how to discover the real and best places in a city that tour packages usually miss out.

How to Start your Travel Budget

How can we have an enough budget for a travel that we’ve been eyeing to experience? I am always worried when it comes to travel money because I need to make sure every peso is well spent. I learned few tricks along the way of bumps and wasted money. Read on so you don’t need to experience it the hard way.


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Know your companion

I think we need to do first is to choose our companion. We don’t want our travel to be jeopardized just because we don’t get along with them well. Oftentimes, our own close friends can be the culprits. But hey, I’m not saying that you should not travel with them. It’s just that you should know that when you spend 24 hours a day for about 4 days with them, you would do your daily activities with them. It is important to know that if she doesn’t care about cleaning the toothpaste from the bathroom sink or washing the bathtub after using it, you should not let these get into your mood.

But the most possible conflict that you would have with them is when both of you don’t agree with the itinerary – the very thing that makes your travel organized. When you have different views on traveling and reason for doing so, you might be spending your well-saved money on something you will not even have good memories to cherish!

Oh, she likes to spend the day in a cafe but you want to check out the longest bridge of the world. Tsk tsk tsk.

Get rid off unnecessary stuffs

I’m guilty of this. Know what is only needed.

Sometimes, we tend to bring a lot of stuffs: those which will look good on us on picture or those we think we’ll be able to wear but they took a lot of space of our baggage.  It is okay to bring these stuffs for as long as we weigh them against other important things.

Consider the weather and the season. Check the places you’ll visit maybe they have dress codes. Grand Palace in Bangkok is a good example. Knowing what only is needed will also let travel shoppers fly back home within the baggage limit. I bet you don’t want to expose your personal stuffs with airport personnel. Right?


September 12, 2010 – Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

I always love how Buddhists build and design their temples and palaces. There is so much precision on art that takes a lot of discipline and creativity. And let’s don’t forget their love for religion, the passion that makes Grand Palace a remarkable work of art.