Know your companion

I think we need to do first is to choose our companion. We don’t want our travel to be jeopardized just because we don’t get along with them well. Oftentimes, our own close friends can be the culprits. But hey, I’m not saying that you should not travel with them. It’s just that you should know that when you spend 24 hours a day for about 4 days with them, you would do your daily activities with them. It is important to know that if she doesn’t care about cleaning the toothpaste from the bathroom sink or washing the bathtub after using it, you should not let these get into your mood.

But the most possible conflict that you would have with them is when both of you don’t agree with the itinerary – the very thing that makes your travel organized. When you have different views on traveling and reason for doing so, you might be spending your well-saved money on something you will not even have good memories to cherish!

Oh, she likes to spend the day in a cafe but you want to check out the longest bridge of the world. Tsk tsk tsk.

One thought on “Know your companion

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