Moving to a New City

I have been living in Brisbane for almost a month now. How time flies! The last time I was stressed about this move was how to put all my stuff in two luggages but just yesterday I bought my first tabo.

This blog will give you a picture of the transition I am going through as I share with you what I have enjoyed and learned so far through photos of Brisbane City and a story about my day last Sunday.

The Rainforest Walk is tiny
but it has luscious palm trees
and a pathway.

The Every Nation Brisbane is located in Kangaroo Point – about 45 minutes from where I am staying. I wanted to start attending a church service and be part of a familiar community again. It was Father’s Day last Sunday in Australia so it was timely to visit church that day.

I woke up at 730am – very early from what I am used to lately – and went straight out of the room to make a cup of Milo. Gising! I rolled the window blinds and welcomed the sun. You are still doing good, Olive!

Two hours of train is how far the Gold Coast is.

I headed out of the apartment after an hour and googled the direction to Kangaroo Point. As I was trying to understand the route, Google Map showed I was late by 5 minutes for the bus and there was no other way to get to Kangaroo Point aside from taking the 10am ferry. The church service only runs at 930am every Sunday so I had to find a way. I should just go to South Bank station and figure this ferry later.

Oh yes. I will be taking ferry every week to attend the church service. It is a very exciting way to commute this time. I am so used to just taking the jeep and tricycle every day anywhere and anytime in Manila. But now I have to be aware of time and terminal location of bus and, the best part of it all, ferry.

That’s exciting, isn’t it? But this particular Sunday was…

Ekka is Brisbane’s largest cultural festival.

When I arrived in South Bank I decided to just forget the ferry and walk for half an hour instead. I can also enjoy the different view of Brisbane River at the same time. Why not? I needed exercise anyway after spending my entire week sitting and searching for a job online. The 36 minutes is the average walking time. Right, Google?

So while I was walking I can see my direction was leading me where there was no walking path. But I have to continue according to Google Map. I will figure this out when I get there. If I have to jump a fence….

I zoomed in on the app. “Use caution–walking directions may not always reflect real-world conditions.” I was unexpectedly flustered by this technology I relied on too much.

What if there is really no walking path? Can I walk on the grass? There is definitely a road on the other side. What if a police officer see me doing my first offence? Should I tell him I’m new in the city? Will I stutter on my English? Is Google Map actually showing me the correct EN Brisbane?

Gold Coast’s Movie World has sickening rides.

There is also the Wheel of Brisbane in South Bank.


I saw a narrow and steep walking slope down my direction.

Oww, a family of kids is also heading that way. You’re still doing good, Olive.

I always see families here doing either of two things: picnic or sport. It was Sunday and the weather was really warm than usual and sunny. The family ahead of me were in their casual clothes brisk walking and chatting trying to overcome, with me, the steep slope.

This will make my bottom bigger, gosh.

We parted when Google Map showed I should walk towards a narrower road with no parked cars under what it seems like a never ending strip of shaggy trees. I can’t see any people walking that way and there’s definitely darkness at the end of that road.

Koalas eat eucalyptus and Kangaroos are referred as Roos

I opened Uber app thinking I can’t really make it on time but the app still kept on getting error even after my ticket has been resolved by their support (okay, that sounds completely the technical analyst in me). I really need to be on time because I wasn’t familiar yet with how the EN service goes in Brisbane.

If I use Uber this means I will spend more than what I should today. Hmm. No.

But I’m late. I continued walking towards a steeper slope with the highway coming up at my right.

Clicked Confirm. Error again.

We drove to Sunshine Coast for two hours!

There was a car coming towards me. There are cars over there! That’s probably a better road to look for alternative.

Finally, a decent road with cars and people!

Google Map showed 25 more minutes of walking although it knew I have been walking for the past 20 minutes.

The Brisbane River was at my left side. I can see the yachts and cruises sailing beneath the brightest sun I have ever stalked by in Australia. Runners were passing me and families were having breakfasts. I’m thirsty, getting scorched and definitely a latecomer.

By the way,
this was my view
as I walk my way up
to Kangaroo Point.

This will be my typical day, I told myself again. I will wake up and not hear the printing machines on the other side of my locked window anymore. I can still make my Milo (because Australia has Milo!) and that’s it. Milo routine stays but everything else has changed. While my coworker said me being a traveler means I can get through the adjustment of being in an unfamiliar place, I keep realising every day my routine and my social circle I created out of my adult years in Philippines has been washed away by a two-page visa.

It is still a lot of change. And even if I never doubted nor questioned the hardships I learned from relatives, friends and Filipinos I met abroad, I still feel things are very unheard of. Their heart-breaking stories are resonating in me and are becoming my reality.

Roma Street Parkland is just so beautiful to spend an afternoon in.

I am still settling myself. I don’t know when this settlement will end but the Sunday service got me in the normal groove of things. I have hope for tomorrow. Anxiety has to move out. During the moments where I have to find my way if I get lost again (which will definitely happen again), I can always remind myself there’s definitely a way to make things work out. And on the matter of building relationships, Mame always say back in elementary days, surround yourself with people who will influence you to become better.

Before I end, I really want to say labyu to all the people who loved me at my worst. Haha!
Thank you for all the love and all these gifts.
Cheerio, guys! #AUSEng101

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