Hot Summer Driving

Last long weekend was another trip with friends from my previous work. We drove all the way from Metro Manila to Bataan to Subic in four cars for two days.



When you do long driving, an itinerary is bound to change. You don’t reserve your visit. You drive and stop and eat on the road. But what we didn’t expect was to be cut off by a road, literally, because we drove on an unfamiliar road on a whim.




We drove an additional 116kms!

But it’s an adventure. We’re late according to our itinerary but what the hell.


We waited for hours in Mt. Samat, viewed Corregidor from a terrace, found the start of Bataan Death March, awed by the twinkling of Petron Bataan Refinery at night, drove for an hour in a pitched-black highway forest, swam with tens of jellyfish, played children games see-saw, swing and “Ice-Water” at one in the morning. We did a lot of gas station hopping also.



We experienced more. And it was fun!



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