Liking The Beach Now

Social Traveling is my appetite. Public market is always in my must-go places. Getting lost is my worst hobby. Nature is my second, particularly flowers. I also like street foods and art galleries but somehow beach is stuck at the end of my list.

This is so weird for someone who lives in a country of stunning beaches. Philippines is literally composed of thousands of small islands closely scattered in a mole part of the Pacific Ocean. This lone fact is already an enticing one for a wanderer but…

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I don’t travel to swim.

I only go to beaches for a family or friends vacation because swimming is the most feasible vacation for everyone to get together. I am not entirely sure if the reason is I fear getting drowned or wearing tight swimwear bothers me too much. Now that I think about it, beach is the only part of nature that I am least interested in. Beach travel is not my cup of tea BUT I am curious to explore someday the world of underwater.

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Anyway. I realized my different taste about the beach travel when I was in Sofitel Manila in Roxas Boulevard earlier this month. I was there with two friends lounging on a giant white pillow while the sun was setting before us and a hotel DJ was playing perfect House playlist. It was immensely a peaceful moment. It was not exactly the kind of beach setup because there was a long wall in front of us that serves as the hotel border and Manila Bay is not a beach that anyone can swim in. But the feel of sun, water, sand and music is the only thing that I like in beach travel.

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After curtailing down my full house 2014 and now that I am engaged in a creative advocacy project, lounging on a beach would be the best thing I should be doing right now. (I do know that I look like I am the most lazy person on earth.) The rush of water towards the seashore while I draw and write under the sun is an activity I would love to enjoy at this moment.

What exactly enticed me to shift my travel motivation for now is a book that was written by Julia Cameron entitled “The Artist’s Way”. She revealed to me that tuning off all the noises around us will make us more connected with our truest beings and through this connection all of us can create whatever we truly want to create. Julia said that everyone is an artist. I believe her. We are creative in different ways. And to be truly the artists that we already are, we need to tune out all the noises that we are in and then save time to listen to ourselves. Art is an expression of our souls. However, to be able to express, we need to be selfish.

Tuning out is possible if I lounge on a beach. Beach travel will give me the nourishment my creativity needs.

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I might have to leave my camera so I won’t tempt myself to get into distractions. A notebook and colored pens are enough. I will draw and write and then lounge all the way through the days I am there. I will also definitely roll over through the sands and get smashed away by the water.

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Sky is becoming sunnier as March approaches. Instead of enticing myself with public market, nourishing my inner being by traveling to the nearest beach is more important for me now.

I am literally daydreaming right now. T.T

I think I should think ways now how I can save up for a very beautiful beach experience.


Photos taken from Bondi Beach, Australia

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