Travel with Your Mom!

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

While my Facebook is feeding up with my friends’ messages and photos for their Moms, I suddenly realized that most of the time we travel only with our close friends. Just last week, my Facebook was full of my friends’ summer outing with their close friends or partner. Well, yeah, some traveled with their families. But we haven’t really traveled with our Mom alone to have a real bonding trip, right?

There is only one person I know from my friends who will travel soon with her Mom. And isn’t it sad on some level? I gave her my detailed Japan itinerary because I want them to have a good time. Her Mom should not bother anymore with the itinerary. My friend can do all the bookings and stuff. I mean, it’s about time that we take care of our Moms in ways that we know we can.

I traveled with Mame last 2010 in South Korea. I was supposed to be with my Aunt and her daughter but that didn’t went well. Because of my eagerness, Mame, who arrived from a very tiring pilgrimage and needed to keep up with work, went with me anyway.

Although we met up with my cousin in Daejeon that time, we still traveled most of the trip alone. I remember her booking a backpacker house in one of the pay-per-minute computers in Busan bus terminal. I was not yet comfortable with spontaneous bookings then so I was there watching and learning my first travel style.

I am not sure what we were supposed to here with our pose. Haha. We finished watching a cartoon show in Expo Park in Daejeon but thought of having a photo in front of ahmmmm... wall?

I am not sure what we were supposed to do with our pose. We watched a cartoon show in Expo Park in Daejeon then thought to have a photo in front of the ahmm… screen wall?

We grew up knowing that our Moms know and can handle everything so we always take comfort from that while we manage our ways to unfamiliar life changes. We take their advice on everything seriously (even if they think we don’t). But traveling with them gives us an opportunity to appreciate them in a whole new level.

I learned that Mame is like a kid in learning new things. The things she learned during our travel were also new to me but learning those new things with her was such a fun experience. We both learned which was very different from what I was used to. I always learned new things with my friends, but not with Mame. Mame was always there to give her advice or warnings or whatever she thinks she should impart to me. But learning with her? I never thought that she would prefer eating kimchi over a full meaty meal! She finished all the free kimchi we had in every restaurant we went into. And that was just one of the many experiences I have with her.

It’s Mother’s Day. Why not travel with your Mom alone next time? It will be a fun and unforgettable experience for both of you. Manage everything. Tell her you can prepare everything. Ask her if you need help on something. Show her you can be independent and responsible and that would give her ease and understanding on how she successfully brought you up. Preparing a travel in an unknown place is like preparing yourself for a new life chapter, right? Show it.

Selfie with Mame in Arashiyama

Selfie with Mame in Arashiyama

If you are not with your Mom today, so what? Travel with your Dad! and don’t forget to celebrate this day with your Dad if that’s the case. You grew up having your Dad also as your Mom. No Dad, so what? Whoever played the role as your Mom should have a celebration today. Surprise them by celebrating this day and book your first travel adventure together!

Our parents should not only be the ones who reach out. We should do our part. I know someone who envies my close relationship with Mame. I asked why. She said she is not just close with her Mom. Is that an excuse? We also need to reach out and initiate. They have been doing all the reaching out for so many years! We already have our minds fully grown up. We just need to have our hearts open and welcoming to our parents. I know a guy who goes straight to their dining room from work because he knows her Mom needs someone who she can talk to. And the only time he can afford is to have dinner with her every night. They often talk about drama tv series. Haha.

Our Lady of Akita

We found Our Lady of Akita!!!

I traveled with Mame last April in Japan to visit the Our Lady of Akita. She was very happy to think we didn’t have enough information about the Catholic Church but we still managed in finding it. I was more than fulfilled and glad. I am happy because my curiosity and adventurous personality helped her. Her close friend went with us with her daughter as well. So it’s like “Mothers and Daughters’ Exploration” thing. Haha.

Trust me. Travel with your Mom. =)

And oh, since most of you are asking what you can do in Japan aside from the cherry blossom, I thought why not I post a short video about everything I and Mame did last April. And then I will continue drilling down all the details of the activities and expenses on my website for those who were asking. (*.*)v

Happy Mothers’ Day!

PS: I have been posting a lot about Japan. I know. And I hope that’s okay?

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