Sneaking Out Food

Yeah. That’s true. I sneaked out bread and jams.

This is just one of the things already accepted even by the hotel staff and management. I think, it is safe to say, these foods are already included in our hotel accommodation. I am pretty sure because I know few people who work in hotels. They even said that many guests exceed the room limit (and I bet you think you outsmarted them). They just don’t really bother you sneaking out few more people into your room. You know what really annoys them? VERY Dirty Room, which, they said, “looks like you don’t really give a shit” and “unhygienic”.

Anyway, back to the food I was talking about. The room is for two people and that means the breakfast is also for two people. It will be a long day so we should be at least have breakfast. So what happened was we sneaked out some bread and jams from the restaurant and bundled them up in tissues.

This is how they looked like:

How do you sneak out your foods? I usually even ask the waiters for more tissues. Share your experience. =)

But before that, I had my breakfast. I really don’t eat breakfast. I usually have a cup of milo or coffee. But because I was traveling, I ate these much:

I ate madly. I remember I also had a soup and a cereal. TWO PLATES, people!

What do you think?

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