Healthy Full Meal

October 26, 2012 of Naxi House, Lijiang

One thing that really amazed me in our stay in Lijiang is we were able to visit a house of a Naxi family (one of the many minority groups in Yunnan). It was not just a short visit to take photos, but also we were served with lunch by the Naxi family in a way that we feel like we were living in their house. It was really an authentic experience: breezy air, sitting on tiny chairs in their porch, wooden chopsticks in our hands and hot tea from old kettle. And look at our very hearty lunch! They are all fresh vegetables and bread! We shared all these food and refilled each others’ teacup while we were talking about Naxi culture.

It felt so homey. I forgot that I was just visiting the place. I almost decided that I wanted to stay there forever. Hahahaha!!

Now, this is what I call – Classic Exploration.

What do you think?

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