Traveling without Facebook and Twitter

Guess I have to congratulate myself for spending my days here in Yunnan without Facebook and Twitter. I can only share my discoveries on Instagram because the other two are banned in China.

But this is for my own fortune, I believe. I can immerse myself here without the tempting distractions. I have now time to be excited about my plans tomorrow which I might not have if Facebook is accessible. I am actually enjoying my stay here in hostel (blogging and watching billiards from the terrace) more than I might be when tweeting. This China’s ban on Facebook and Twitter freed me from social media “responsibilities”.


appreciating the most beautiful lake I have seen in my life

One thing is obvious about Facebook: people became expressive online but remain reserved in person. I’ve seen a few people indirectly confront others using Facebook but they can’t do it face to face. That is senseless.

Hundreds of people are nagging me in Twitter with every small thing they do. It sometimes looks like a feed of a reality show. It is sad to realize that I followed people who I thought would be interesting people in Twitter but they only share what meals or Starbucks they are having.

What do you do first when you’re on Facebook and Twitter? I read every post. Click. Open. Read. Scroll. I post random emotional stuff but get no reaction from my online friends. Man, I can spend HOURS just for that?

Do my “Facebook friends” and “Twitter followers” really care about what I feel or do?


Blue Moon Lake in Lijiang, Yunnan

We can share our experiences or thoughts to people who really value us. That might be entirely not easy at all but we can try because it would relieve us more. Relying only on what our online friends would say sometimes does not really make the cut with what we need inside. Social Media is a great medium to connect with people but we know we need more than it offers –  you know, personal connection.

Another is spending time in Facebook and Twitter can significantly eat our time from actually experience the present. This is very important in traveling. I am in this amazing province of China and I have always wanted to go here. If I am preoccupied with the need to share every move I make here online, I am wasting this chance to actually experience this dream that just came true.


capturing a beautiful moment of the lake

Let us live beyond social media. We can always stay online but always choose to explore the world and live our lives over keeping the social media updated. =)

What do you think?

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