Solemn Caving and Not-so-Good Encounter

Another 4 hour van-ride awaited us in San Vicente. We needed to get back to  Peñablanca to visit the Callao Cave we failed to explore in our first day. After we ate our breakfast in Jotay Resort, we were up for Peñablanca. This was our last day in Cagayan Valley.

Just a quick story about an encounter with Victory Liner, Tuguegarao

When we arrived in Callao Cave, I called Victory Liner, Tuguegarao. We requested if we could move our schedule to a later schedule. I had a hard time talking with the staff which I later found out that it was a security guard. He said they don’t accept change of schedule thru phone that we had to go to the terminal first. It was ridiculous, I thought. I said that the reason we were changing our schedule is because we will come from Peñablanca and there is no way we can arrive in the terminal before our schedule. I was requesting in a very well-mannered way. Then I was told that I should talk to the staff who handles the schedules. When I called again to talk to the appropriate staff, the security guard said that the staff did not want talk to me. “HUH?” I said how can we have a concrete answer without talking. When I called again, I was hanged up after a provocative “Ano? Ano?” (What? What?) from the other line. It was the staff, I concluded after hearing a different voice. Very ethical. Kuya Rolly was pissed off, went to terminal and resolved our change of schedule and their bad ethics in person. Sash! =)


Callao Cave is more popular for its church which is located in the 1st chamber. It has a natural crevice that lets the light in to illuminate the altar.  This was where the setting for John Lloyd and Bea was shot according to our kiddo tour guide. Callao Cave has 7 chambers but the 5th and 6th caves were closed because they were slippery.


Our tour guide was very good (but sad to say, I forgot his name T_T. ) We were so delighted with how he carried out the touring. He explained everything we saw amazing in the cave. He even knew how to use dslr. He kept on changing the settings of my camera and he was word-wrestling with Jay (the one who made our Call Me Maybe video) over the cameras. Hahaha!

We were not yet done with our trip. We bought so many pasalubong in Lighthouse Cooperative along Luna cr. Taft street. We raided the store. They sell chicharabao (chicharon made from carabao), Alcala milk candy (pastillas), frozen tocinos and longganisa, garlic bits and vinegars among others.

We arrived in Kamias Cubao after 12-hour bus ride. All of 17 of us were suddenly dispersed in Metro Manila by 4:30 in the morning because we needed to be at work by 8 am. Hahaha!

So much adventures had just happened.

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