Philippines at the Forefront

“If white sands aren’t your thing, this isn’t the country for you. Otherwise, bust out your flip-flops and follow us.” – Candice Lopez Quimpo/CNNGo


With one week special broadcast of CNNGo on my dear country entitled Eye On The Philippines, I can not comprehend  the fact that we are finally have put our own beauty at the forefront ready to awe everyone. (Dear Government, TWO THUMBS UP!) I was not able to watch the first broadcast last April 30 and may probably will not until its end on May 4. But, I will definitely watch this soooooon. I will find a way!!

I have been following CNNGo for some time because of its very interesting stories on Asian countries. I got hooked on it because of the mere fact that CNN is not just “my” worldwide news network but also my database of travel exploration. And seeing that they will feature my country for one whole week? Oooooh. That’s the real bomb. We can reach billions of people thru CNNGo!

So if you want to watch the Eye on the Philippines, just tune in on World Report at 7am and World Business Today at 9pm on May 4 (that’s tomorrow) in Manila Time. If you want to know what I mean with the “interesting stories” I just said, visit CNNGo Philippines. Haha. You can also submit your own stories to share thru their website. Cool, right?

And one more thing, Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands. You might be interested exploring these islands but let me show you a glimpse of what my country can offer: click on The Philippines’ best beaches and islands.

I am just so excited with Palaui Island. See you soon Norte!

Philippines at the Forefront

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