Cutesy Amidst the Nosiness of Taft

I and my friend was at a coffee shop in front of De La Salle University. Named as Noriter: Coffee and Dream, this place is a perfect venue for gals and guys with upbeat and fun hearts.

It’s wooden wall is designed with lots of writings which were mostly drawn by their guests. You bet, most of them are confession of love. Hihihi!

It has second floor where friends and lovers can cuddle around while the breeze of coffee runs through the curtains full of purple and green hearts. (but wait, too much of cuddling will bring you humiliation as this place is armed with cctv camera haha coz a lot of ‘kids/teenagers’ were doing it too much).

Tables for coffee talk are full of pictures while the chairs are randomly colored with strong plain colors. Lots of drawings are on the wall including a world map on a blackboard. Cups that we use for hot coffee are pulled together to make a wall art and a giant robot.

While the sandwiches, cakes and frappe are not more than the usual, it pays to visit and let the blow of creative air flow into one’s unconscious creative side. =*

*all photos were only taken with iphone

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