December 29, 2010 – Juifen Market, Taiwan

Traveling with a tour package probably gives us 3-4 hours to shop and eat but traveling with our personalized itinerary gives us ample time to enjoy the market and know the country.

Much of country’s culture is found in the market. What type of food they eat, how the local converse, how they work and why they strive to, what clothing they wear, what things they consider needs and wants, how costly they live their lifestyle and how they help each other out.

Market is full of what-happened-and-really-is-happening-and-would-like-to-happen about the country. (that’s really loooong hyphenated words, hahaha). I found out that Taiwan is an addict for food. They can really cook and make up food for a number of people who prefer different type of foods. I found a store that sells tens of dried mushrooms displayed in huge sacks. I barely can see the seller with them!

What market have you already been to and what did you find out about the country?

Juifen Market

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