December 26, 2010 – Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

Our first meal in Taiwan was in Modern Toilet. Yes. It’s Toilet but a Restaurant.

Modern Toilet is a casual restaurant in Ximending. Everything in it is designed like you’re eating in a toilet (minus the you-know-what-i-mean smell, hahahaha!). The table is a bathtub, chair is a real toilet bowl and you have a shower hanging on the wall. The tea cup is a mini toilet bowl and even the plate of your viand. You have a rice bowl cover shaped like a real poop (hahaha!). You’re going to eat your poop ice cream. (hahaha!).

I had a poop stuck around my straw.

Above is a bathroom sink. It was a toilet bowl but it really was a bathroom sink. It had a faucet. When I looked down to check the water in it, I feel I was about to sit on it to have a poop. My mind didn’t accept the creative idea. Hahaha! Geesh. But it was really cool and funny. I was just not used to the design. I loved it!

Toilet Bowl, NOT!

What do you think?

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