This is the first time someone requested me to submit a write up about my passion in traveling. And it is now posted!

Traveling has been part of my life ever since Mame (my Mom, FYI) started to tell stories of Dade’s (you know it’s my Dad) frequent work visits in Cebu. And now, it’s been 7 years of endless adventures and the stories of traveling went from dinner stories in a home-sweet-home to tell-me-about-your-culture in an unfamiliar landscapes. My world is getting bigger and more exciting. =O

There’s always a reason for everything. And if reason doesn’t show itself yet, we can always give it good expectations so life won’t be burdened with worries, fears and doubts. It’s the same with traveling, we don’t know what a country has and we will never know unless we go there on ourselves with much curiosity and humility.

I thank you, Onetravel, for giving me a chance to share my experience. It’s always been a privilege sharing my passion. And thanks Armie for helping me out. Haha.

Thanks again. =)

Travel Guest Blog here.

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