I use a Canon 600D and my Samsung A7 phone.

To match it up in times when I am on a far off seat in a theatrical or exhibition shows or if it’s not possible to get near with the subject, I usually pull out the 70-300mm but I have my left hand totally holding the lens steadily. And a wide angle with macro lens for other photo stuffs.


I use colored filters whenever I feel like giving a shot a little out of this world feel. And because taking stolen photos of people is a challenge, a spy lens makes everything easier but it is bothersome to use. My filters and spy lens are from Photojojo, a we’ve-got-everything-you-need store.

From Extremedeals, ND8 Filter for waterfalls and Close-up Filter for flowers (I like taking them…tremendously!) and some macro shots are always in my strap bag. And of course, a remote, in case I realized I barely have a photo of myself. Ahehe!

Photo-edit Program.

I don’t mind using any photo editing program. I had Adobe CS4 and CS5 but since our disk drive is usually needs a little spanking every now and then, I mostly rely with Photoscape for signature watermark and a few editing. I have Adobe CS3 Portable which is more helpful than having it installed. I edit my photos whenever they need it because as much as I intend to make every photo free from manipulation, I believe we can’t have all photos exactly the same as we saw them. And a few editing of photos I initially intend to edit.


I travel with my family since I was 19 years old. My mother has always been an influence to me. She is aiming to visit all the Wonders of the World and all the famous tallest buildings and towers. Every time she goes off on her travels, I always ask her if she can take photos without her and her friends on it. Hahahaha!

Now, for me, Culture is my biggest addiction. I want to meet new people and struggle with my English just to know the local people. I want to learn how they live their daily lives, what kind of work they do, taste their cuisine, visit local people’s houses, witness their traditions and listen to their music. I want to know them by learning what happened in their history. I want to learn how they see their lives, nourish their relationships, look forward to their future and what their beliefs are. I want to know their stories and where their hopes are coming from. I want to get immersed with the culture so I tend to travel more than the usual 3 days and ask my companion if I can spend at least a day alone. I finally traveled on my own last 2012. It was somewhere in Southwest China.


Yes, they are all original as far as the places you find here are concern. But the photographers vary a little. Few are taken by Mame, my younger sister ”Lalabonejing” or a travel companion.

More? Send me an email to bunsongpayat@gmail.com.

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