September 10, 2010 – Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

Taking a break from our tour guide and all the stuff of Buddhism, Jelai posed for a snapshot.


September 12, 2010 – Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Before you pray, have yourself blessed.

Cold Drinks

September 12, 2010 – Petchburi Market, Bangkok, Thailand

You know I love streetfoods.

Mind you, this refreshing drink is all-natural. I saw one seller squeeze the juice out of the orange and straight to the bottle.

Waiting (I should not be taking pictures here!)

September 13, 2011 – Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand


September 11, 2010 – Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise, Bangkok, Thailand

I saw this kid running to her father breathless but smiling. She wanted to dance with her sisters on the dancefloor. The beat was up and everyone was dancing. And then suddenly, I saw this worried face.

Hmm, what happened?