December 31, 2010 – Taipei Backpacker’s

What you see in the photo are the letters of guests who stayed in the Taipei’s Backpackers. Although there are a number of notes written in guests’ native languages, much of them are letters of gratitude and requests for visits from hosts to their countries.

Aside from maximizing every available space and wall for maps and guides, toiletries and picka foods, backpackers’ houses are more personal when it comes to relating with their guests. Every guest can watch TV together, eat on the same table and share the same bedroom. Plus, the hosts are more intimate when it comes to conversation as they don’t speak like they are your servants but instead as friends who welcomed you at their home.

Now Cooking

December 28, 2010 – Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

You have to get the chance of having your lunch if you are in Taroko Gorge. It’s hard looking for a good deal of meal during the trails.

Messed Up Room

December 29, 2010 – Inside the Room, Taipei, Taiwan

What it looks like when you don’t have a cabinet but luggages.

What it looks like when you arrive at your rented room after a long day of stroll.

What it looks like when you are all tired and just want to sit and relax and probably just check emails.

What it looks like when you empty your backpack and pockets.

What it looks like when all you have is a box of bread you bought earlier of the day.


Coated Sweetly

December 27, 2010 – Somewhere near to Some place, Taipei, Taiwan

Geesh, I don’t remember where this was but it’s definitely in a market. =S

I thought that’s some kind of a candy molded in big rounds of strawberry-flavored sugar but only to found out there was tomato inside of it. Its juice drooled over the stick after my first bite.

Flower Field

December 28, 2010 – Going to Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

We were fetched by a taxi guy from the train station then we saw this field of flowers along the highway to Taroko Gorge.

I think tumblr don’t have anymore the recommend feature. Anyhows, I would still post every kind of flowers every tuesday for anyone who always gives time for this insane phlog. Hehe