Friends, you inspire me.

This post is a tribute to all my friends who have traveled the beautiful places of our world. I know it’s been tough to save those pieces of bills just to pay the cheap airfare, 3days/2nights of accommodation, entrance tickets for amusement parks and avail those tour packages you know you can’t go alone without help from tour guides. It’s been hard also to rush office papers so we could just allot few days for our travel and still be welcomed by the piles of the same papers. It’s been a well-traveled year. We were introduced to the true beauty of our world by exploring those places we thought only existed in forwarded emails, magazines and testimonials of people we thought are the only ones who are able to travel.

Through traveling, we’ve learned that once we have crossed the boundaries of our comfort zones, we are doom to a much more glorious and genuine life. Out there is a lot more to explore. There are a lot of faces we need to interact with. There are a lot of cultures we need to know about. There are a lot of languages we need to listen to. There are a lot of landscapes we need to be awed by. There are a lot of foods we need to taste. And there are a lot of things we need to learn about life, and traveling can make these happen. We can only also truly appreciate such things if we continue to be a humble human being.

Friends who can’t get enough of the world (I really look up to you guys! I always feel amazed by your travels):

Ate Jenny, Ching Ching, Armie, Ivette, Paul, Maru, Carla, Arich, Ate Virna, Cris Yambao, Bowdy, Alta, James, Rod, Khate Bernardez, Jen Labayno, Rap, Alvin and his troop. I hope we’ll bump into each other in some beautiful place. (like what happened with James in Bangkok! Haha)

Let’s all welcome our 2011 with more enthusiasm on God’s creation!