Our Guide

April 3, 2009 – Ton Le Sap Lake, Cambodia

Tour guides know that taking a picture of tourists is part of the job, especially if you’re dealing with Filipinos. It’s almost part of our personality, every change of scene, there should be a memorabilia taken. Haha.

Those Roots!

April 2009 – Siem Reap, Cambodia

You should not miss visiting the Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia. I have 3 reasons for saying this:

First, Angkor Wat is one of the 7 wonders of the world. If you’re just going to spend your day in the hotel because it’s hot and dusty in Cambodia, why not exempt a day in Angkor Wat? You dont want to miss one of the distinct places of Mother Earth. Would you? Second, Te Prohm temple is one of the locations of Tomb Raider movie. You may not be a Jolie’s fan but you can ask yourself, “What does this temple has that a hollywood movie flew thousand miles just to shoot some scenes? Third, this temple has Tetrameles nudiflora. What’s that? It is a tree and a specie of Tetramelaceae that has ruined the Ta Phrom temple into broken structures because of its huge roots. This specie can be seen in other countries but not all of them have grown to immense proportions of height and width. You’re going to love those roots once you’ve seen it.

Khmer Ladies

April 5, 2009 – Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

I thought these Khmer ladies were there because, like Baguio Igorots, they were waiting to pose for pictures with tourists and ask for payment. But I was wrong. Hehe. They didn’t. They just nodded, with sweet smiles, on our request to pose with them. They were only there – sitting, uhmm, waiting, and smiling for more pictures. This is why I supah I love them!

Heaven On Top

April 5, 2009 of Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

We went up! Can you see those people?? We went there to view the most beautiful sunset in Cambodia. It was like a glimpse of Heaven.

Funny and Chummy Performers

April 6, 2009 of Cambodian Cultural Village, Cambodia

The most entertaining cultural shows I’ve ever saw.

The actors are so entertaining!! We got to have few photos with the dancers as well. *blush*