I heart you, Promo Fares!

Hep Hep! It’s a new year for travel! New sets of promo fares from Cebu Pacific Air! I am excited! I am planning for new lands to explore. Hoho!


But let’s be wise while Cebu Pacific Air is also being wise with how they will offer different promo fares this 2013. To help you somehow on how frequent Cebu Pacific Air ffers promo, here is what I have observed:

  • They usually offer them during payday period.
  • If there is a holiday or anything like Valentine’s Day coming up, watch out!
  • If your travel dates is 2-3 months from now, then the last promo for that period might soon be up. But don’t let your hopes be too high! They might offer it for only very limited seats. (Think about it, because they are just filling up the empty seats of planes that are already almost occupied)
  • Piso Fare is usually one year at the least before the scheduled booking date. I happened to notice that the Piso Fare for November next year will be offered around September or October this year. My flight to Bangkok last 2010 was only P202. There are at most two Piso Fares offered each year.
  • If you book online, try to check the availability of the promo fare for number of combination from the total number of people who will travel. Sometimes, a plane will only have, for example, 3 seats, available for promo fare. And when you try to book straight on for 4 seats, it will not give you the promo fare. For this one, I will book the 3 seats who will have the promo fares and then another 1 for a regular fare. After I total all airfares for the 4 people, I will just divide it up for 4 people so everyone can benefit from the promo.
  • Book after midnight. The website will get thousands of traffic during the day and there will be a higher probability that you will not get the promo fares. Try booking during the day and you’ll find the website in its slowest state. Everyone is online and juggling their preferred schedules online. If everyone you are traveling with is sleeping, then get first their passport details and of course, their assurance that they are letting you to book it for them whatever the cheap schedule you happen to get from the airline.


I still think Cebu Pacific Air is the most budget airline I have ever encountered with. A regular airfare to Osaka from Manila in Philippine Airlines will cost you around P10,000 but in Cebu Pacific Air it’s just around P5,000 only. The price ranges of Cebu Pacific Air is so wide that some dates are around P10,000 but most of them are offered at P5,000. So, stay alert for more promo fares this 2013!

*none of the photos posted here are from me.