Licensed and Photographed by Sydney Tower Management

August 29, 2011 – Sydney Tower, Australia

Like in any city, when you are on top of the tallest building, you can see the whole city in just one stop.

But with Sydney Tower…

having yourself harnessed for 1 hour to have one round of insane, mind-buggling walk, and at times, jumps, as the tower tour guide “requires” on a clear glass floor…

it is the most daring.

Cloud Watching

September 1, 2011 – View from Way Above of Brisbane, Australia

The most beautiful clouds I have ever seen in my entire life!!! Feels like God is touring me around. Wiii!!


August 31, 2011 – Gap Bay, Sydney, Australia

I have finished my 5 terms of Masters degree and is now preparing for my Thesis. Although I still have a Research subject, I am still happy knowing that I overcame a lot of “challenges”. To all my classmates who have come a long way with me… Cheers!! Let’s meet on our first day in school again. Excited lang! haha

3 Sisters in Blue Mountain

August 29, 2011 – 3 Sisters in Blue Mountain, Katoomba, Australia

Those 3 tower-like stone mountain is the 3 Sisters. No one explained to us why they were called sisters and not brothers. I was looking for shape of dress or long hair. Ahehe!


August 26, 2011 – Taronga Zoo, Australia

Other than those i keep mentioning in this phlog, we enjoy broadening ourselves with animals that we haven’t seen in real life (i only learned about them in National Geographic or Discovery Channel). Oh yeah, the above picture is a reptile specie which anyone in Philippine may already have seen. But Australia has other animals that any country don’t have… Tasmanian Devil.. our dearest cartoon character Taz. I will post a photo of this devil after we get back.. =)