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December 31, 2010 of Taipei Backpackers

The world map is huge…

and yet, when you zoom in the countries, you would know there are really lots of them, even just those tiny little islands.

and then when you zoom it more, there are those cities…some are defined by how well its structures are built and some are defined by how big is its geography

and then when you dig a little more zooming, you will see a person browsing his tumblr in the computer.

You will realize that the world is really big…..and you look like just a dust.

The Living Ocean and Coast

Image Detail

Image Detail

On May 12th, the world’s biggest Expo will happen in Yeosu, South Korea. It’s theme is The Living Ocean and Coast as it showcase different activities that have something to do with ocean creatures and port structures. They also have cartoon characters (which I really think look like the characters of Taiwan International Expo 2010) that will symbolize this big event.

With 126 days remaining before its opening, thousands of Koreans are helping out in promoting the event whether it may be thru video, networking sites, photos, website and blogs. Some are also engaged in personal marketing by doing it in train stations and malls. The big port area of Yeosu has been transformed to state-of-the-art technologies of traditional accommodation, ocean wave-like conference and activities area, high-end VIP hotels, efficient airport, bus terminals, eco-parks and others.

Hays… Hope I can be there!!!

Click on the title of this post to check the ongoing website of the Yeosu Expo.

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The Living Ocean and Coast


Part of my being miser during Christmas season is doing a little creativity on gifts with what I only have on hand. Apparently, last Christmas, I happened to look at the Christmas photos my family had from the previous years then found a photo of snow ball I took. I thought of making a postcard out of this photo then give it away to my colleagues.

Then, just of the ordinary postcard-giving where such is not given with an envelope, I decided to do it. I bought a seal with my initial to seal envelopes made of yellow-colored bond paper. This will make my colleagues intrigue to what could be inside of the envelope. Haha. And they did. Glad they liked it!

I am thinking of making postcard for this coming Valentines Day…. hmmm..

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it’s still 7 hours from now and no one is preparing for the noche buena yet(atleast at my place). But hey, for most of us, Christmas spirit comes as early as September. And as November approaches, our asses can’t get still on one seating when everyone is talking about gifts, parties and bonuses!

As this 7 hours is depleting, I just found myself having an alone time in front of the computer and suddenly realized I might as well share the meaning of Christmas for me.

I attended the last livewire service of Meralco Christian Fellowship this year. We were asked what can we share in the group about Christmas. I shared mine in a very nervous voice. But here is the exact words I should have said if I was not shivering that time. Haha.

As Christmas makes everyone spend thousands of bucks for gifts and parties, which is obviously the reason why most people are happy this time of season, may we also realize the other reason. Christmas is just like a birthday celebration in a family, much like in a big one. When my grandfather celebrated his 81th birthday, every family in the clan were present. It was like a big feast and everyone was really having a blast. It was celebrating the moment of reunion. We played a lot of games and sang every song and ate every food. It was really a good feeling seeing everyone is enjoying. Christmas is same as that. The only difference is, Christmas is a much bigger celebration of the whole world for the birthday of Jesus.

It’s as simple as that.

Cosmopolitan Sanctuary

My younger sister asked me if I can submit a testimonial to AsianTraveler for its regular article “Where in the World”. I was really excited knowing I have the opportunity to get published with something I really love doing and sharing.. Mwahaha!

When I grabbed a copy of the magazine, I opened the unpaid sealed magazine while I was  still in the bookstore. Nyahehe! It might be too short but when I saw my testimonial published, para na akong kiti-kiti. Haha!

PS: Sorry for the blurred photos. Hehe!