The Winter Vacation Kids Will Love

The long holiday of Christmas and New Year just wonderfully ended! It was a 2-week vacation of icy wind hunting with family in Baguio and food feasting with close friends. My 2017 was very exhausting but the long vacation have given me enough drive to start 2018 with brighter hopes. I hope you did too! Happy Winter!

The welcoming spirit of 2018 has enthused me to turn my laptop on and continue writing this 2-month old draft blog. This was meant to be posted before the holiday in hopes you would have more ideas for a good snowy holiday. I hope I am not too late! I wish you booked a trip to Hokkaido for the first two weeks of February.


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Travel Album


Travel photos from Vietnam, Laos & Thailand are uploaded! Yas!

Hop into my decks of photos here. 

Travel Album

I was in South Korea last December to spend the Christmas season there. You can view the travel album on my facebook account.

When the weather was cold in South Korea 2014, I took a lot of photos.

Whiter Than Snow

Most of the time, the beauty of nature is enough to persuade us to travel. Sure, some of us still like to visit the Eiffel Tower of Paris or the gigantic Burj Khalifa in Dubai but, for me, they don’t compare with how I still long to see again the sunset in Red Land of Yunnan, yearn to see Yellowstone of US or pray hard to experience Aurora Borealis in Alaska.

Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. – Psalm 51:7

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Chopsticks and Okonomiyaki

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