“Limited” Service of Tune Hotels

Have you experienced staying in a hotel with limited service?

If you want a “5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price”, tune your attention to Tune Hotels.

Tune Hotels offers limited service which means they will only charge you the minimum price you need to pay for your bed, room, a/c, table, electricity and security without the need to pay for other amenities that you barely use. So for example, you will not be charged with usual hotel toiletries if you brought your own toiletries.  Other amenities are 12 or 24 hours air-conditioning, TV and internet access.

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Oh, Lights!

December 2011 of Shah-alam, Malaysia

Gardens City of Light was already magical when we were still 2kms away. Located in i-City of Shah-alam, one will question how they were able to put up all those trees made of led lights. There are also a stadium, rows of restos, mini train and giant Christmas trees. The garden does not even need a streetlight to light up the whole compound.

But go there with a car or make arrangements with the taxi driver because if you won’t, you might need to wait for more than an hour or two.

New Sparkle

I named my camera, Canon 450d, as Sparkle because I always imagine a sudden drop of lightray on the moment that I will put on still forever. But tomorrow, I will deliver her to her new owner and most probably she will lose her name. My best bud is not a fan of name-giving. Haha.

Canon 450d

Anyhow, I shall keep the name instead and name it to my new camera, Canon 600d. Below photo is in Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, where I was able to buy the Canon 600d.

bought Canon 600d in Low Yat Plaza

It was really a good 3-yr experience. Minahal at inalagaan ko siya ng todo. Haha. Canon 450d is one of those precious stuffs that made this travel phlog possible.

So, ciao, Canon 450d. May you be in good care. =)

Note to my lovable followers:

All the postcards from December 30 onwards are taken by Canon 600d, my new Sparkle. =P